TimFuck – GOOD BREEDING – Rick Dotadao, Jerri Gomes

You have to have some experience with male sex to understand why these two men, RICK DOTADAO and JERRI GOMES, are a truly perfect fit.

Rick strides into a seamy glory hole booth. He’s lean and so obviously confident that you can tell right away that he’s packing a big swinging dick. Then Jerri, a bodybuilder with a perfect muscular physique, walks into the next booth. After Jerri worships and sucks Rick’s memorable member through the hole (Can you guess why bodybuilders are often the best cocksuckers?), they get together in a crimson fuck cubicle where Rick takes full possession of the submissive, cock-hungry muscle-bottom.

This scene is all about Rick’s big dick, and the pleasure of submitting and worshiping it, being used and filled by it. Muscle god Jerri strokes his smaller one-hand-sized throbber half-heartedly, but his real attention is totally absorbed by the bliss Rick’s dick is giving him.
20 Apr