TimFuck – Roman Pearce, Ian Jay and Will

I knew that a young guy like IAN would have the stamina to take more than most men, so I had one more fuck lined up so the kid would be good and juiced up before he left town.

Ever-hard black stud ROMAN PEARCE was delighted to add his jizz-mess to IAN’s overworked hole. At first he took it easy and let IAN settle down on him, sliding that long cock deeper and deeper. Sex-slave WILL, a helpless worshiper of black cock, lept into the mix to assist, cleaning ROMAN’s cock of all the accumulated jizz of the weekend whenever it pulled out of IAN’s slimy guts.


TimFuck – BOY RIDING BULL – Ian Jay, Tober Brandt

Sometimes fucking is about power, pure and simple. All muscle and raw dominance. In this scene I’ve pitted the massively-muscled madman TOBER BRANDT against scrawny little skaterboy IAN JAY. The result? You get the sense that IAN is riding a fuck-crazy bull, hanging on for dear life.

TOBER flings the kid around like a one-pound sack of sugar, picking the boy up, tossing him, crushing him with his massive brutal muscle-weight. And all the while, TOBER keeps his cock in to the hilt, keeps the boy plugged, gored by that ramming fuck-shaft.

IAN called me four days later and told me his entire body was still sore from the hard-fuckin’ workout. And, he added, he’d never felt so fuckin’ great in his life. Man/boy boning at its best.