TimFuck – Roman Maverick Gangbang

ROMAN MAVERICK posted on social media that he wanted to be tied up and gang fucked. Some other companies hawked back that they couldn’t do it (I won’t mention any names). Not Treasure Island Media – I said “Fuck yeah, get your hole over here”.

A fuck bench, some chains & leather cuffs later and we were in business. Roman was face down, his asshole up and ready for slaughter.

BILLY BLANCO and his prime Puerto Rican cock takes over as pack leader rimming Roman’s hole and then opening it up for the other guys to use. He verbally assaults the bottom and eggs the other guys on to fuck and breed.

Not to be outdone, ESTEBAN (who cums 3 times!), FX RIOS with his huge uncut monster dick and newcummer RORY STONE makes working Roman’s ass over a team effort. Each trade-off on coring out Roman, letting him know that he’s just a hole to get them off.

Fashionably late to arrive but just in time to cum, CASANOVA drops by to drop his load deep into Roman’s second hole. By the time the top guys are done – Roman is well used and the smell of cum and poppers in the room is like the finest filthiest bathhouse in the world.


TimFuck – Damien Vasquez, Rikk York, FX Rios – Need To Cum

RIKK YORK wanted to get fucked and just kept telling me he wanted BIG dicks. I somehow had the good fortune to not only bring in both FX RIOS and DAMIEN VASQUEZ, but to get the two tops at a moment when neither of them had shot a load in several days.

Translation – – – they both needed to cum.

This is how a tag team should be done. Damien –his ebony uncut dick with the foreskin that pulls back to reveal the pink dick head – and FX – with his stunning uncut Latin schlong – take turns, feeding off each other’s fucking energy as Rikk luxuriates in getting his hole worked over. As each man fucks him, Rikk seduces the other one, letting each know how much more he wants their cock inside him.

Finally, the guys cannot hold back. The need to cum is too great and lucky Rikk gets soaked with sperm.