GayWire – No One Rides For Free – Vivianne DeSilva, Andy Adler, Justin Colt Davis


Cruising with Vivianne and Justin, we were looking for another unsuspecting; we find Andy. He was carrying a gas can, signalling he was already having a bad day, so why not cheer him up with a good bit of fun. Vivianne was on him but he wasn’t biting. A little work and with the promise of cash, and Viv giving him some ass, he finally relented. When we played the blindfold game , and it was revealed it was actually Justin sucking his dick, the van got to rocking. But we calmed him down and promised no one was going to know, and we would pay him even more to finish. Already broken he gave in and fucked Justin til he came in his mouth. Vivianne said she would now fuck him as origannly promise, but first she asked him to check and see if the back tire was low. He made a mistake getting on the van and another one by getting off. Vroom!