BoysHalfwayHouse – Put That Fuck Hole To Use – Jack Simmons


This resident seems to have no clue that breaking rules have consequences. Of course, I get the sense that he grew up with no rules, so he has no idea how to abide by them. If this were a generation or two ago, he would probably be walking outside barefoot with dirt on his face. It’s a wonder that he has ever held down a job. On the flip side, he is one helluva fuck. That definitely makes punishing him for his misdeeds a little more fun for us House Managers.

After giving him a lecture about the meaning of curfews, he was down on the floor with my cock in his mouth. With those beautiful eyes staring up at me, it almost would have been easy to forget that he was such a bad apple. But the more I throat fucked him, and after spitting in his mouth and choking him on my dick, he was sporting a raging boner. I’m amazed at how many residents actually get turned on by being treated like cheap whores. I knew right then and there that once I had that little pink hole stretched out, I would be having a lot of fun.

Well, as usual, I was correct. Once he lifted those legs in the air, it was all smooth sailing. He had gone from an antagonistic delinquent to submissive fuck hole in a matter of minutes, and I slam fucked his fuck hole good. In no time, I was pulling his hair, choking him, and inspecting his gaping ass. Then I had him go down on me ass-to-mouth before he began to ride me. And when he slid down on my dick and began bouncing up and down, I knew I had a great little toy on my hands. You wouldn’t know it by looking at him, but he’s got some stamina! I almost nutted just from the way his pelvis was working my cock.

Long story short, I kept fucking him hard and deep until his hole was pretty much raw. It had to have been sore by the time I bred him. When I did, I went in as deep as I could and buried spurt after spurt inside of him. The look on his face was priceless. I almost think that he will be breaking more rules just to be put in his place again. Well, I don’t think there will be any problem putting his fuck hole to good use.

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