TickledHard – Straight 19-Year-Old Cory Becomes A Willing Tickle Victim


When Franco found Cory, he had to have this straight 19-year-old over for a session. Franco starts exploring with a brush and feathers on this polite young guy, but fingers seem to be the best tools. Cory’s face quickly turns red as he struggles with the tickle torture. This soft, young boy has nowhere to go with his ankles and wrists bound. He can’t resist the fun! Cory screws up his face when Franco digs into his armpits and ribs, but the tickling has only just begun. Franco chuckles and he continues to torture his helpless victim who pants, giggles and turns even deeper shades of red. The intensity increases and Cory struggles to get away, but he can’t squirm off from this attack! Franco clamps onto Cory’s knee as he tickles Cory’s sweaty taint. Totally exposed, Cory begs for Franco to stop, which only urges Franco on more. He tickles his hard cock with a feathery brush and forces Cory to cum. But just when Cory thinks it’s over, Franco goes nuts on Cory’s legs and super-ticklish size 8 1⁄2 feet, turning him into a sweaty, breathless, willing victim.