RaunchyBastards – Tight Ass Vs The Hole Wrecker – Jack Lowe, James Dawn


This scene begins with Jack Lowe and James Dawn awkwardly chatting. In fact, watching this reminds me of a first date. Now, the thing is – James Dawn and Jack Lowe are two of the sexiest teens I’ve had the pleasure to meet (and fuck), and I know from experience that once you flip a switch, these guys can get super into man sex. However, Jack and James barely knew each other when this was filmed, and hadn’t been in a scene together yet. The first topic that comes up in the brief minute and a half chit chat is why the other is doing porn. Jack, to be expected, says that he is in it purely for the money. James, on the other hand, says that in addition to the money, he also finds it a bit pleasurable. As they converse, you can tell the tension is building up, and then they start making out passionately.

As they kiss, they begin groping each other, and it doesn’t take long for the boys to migrate downward to some hot cock sucking. James and Jack both have huge cocks, so they are each testing their limits in terms of how much cock each can stuff down his throat. Both do a great job, and James even goes further down and rims Jack while he is at it. Jack must have liked the rim job, because pretty soon he is ready to fuck James. Jack is so big, though, and James so tight, that it truly takes a while for James to get used to it. All the while, as Jack is loosening up James’s hole, James is moaning and groaning very loudly. I’ve always loved the noises James makes when he is getting plowed, and with Jack’s long and very thick dick, his noise-making is definitely augmented.

After a great fuck in several positions, Jack finally gets ready to cum. He has James up against the end of the love seat, legs bent into submission, and he continues to pound mercilessly, until he is just about there. Then, he pulls out and dumps his load into James’s mouth and on his face. James is clearly exhausted, but he is also happy because not only was it a challenge that he satisfied, but I think he also really liked Jack’s dick up his ass. Hot fuck.