GrowlBoys – LOST BOYS – Chapter 4 – Collared Cub


Tommy felt his body tremble as he reclined back onto the soft, white bedding. His heart was still pounding in his chest from the intense breeding he’d received from his horned lover, Bishop. His brow glistened with fresh drops of sweat, giving him a dewy glow as he sank deeper into his cushioning.

His skin buzzed, activated and excited. It felt that way as soon as Bishop erupted his load into his hole, filling him with his seed once more. The burly muscle satyr was careful as he retracted his penis, making sure to keep every drop inside his anus. Tommy was only slightly aware of this delicate act, but also still confused by the moment.

He’d been through an intense ordeal. Not only was he captured by the frightening cave scylla, but he was nearly consumed and lost to its depths. Bishop managed to rescue him just in time, pulling him from the probing and penetration tentacles and bringing him to safety. The whole experience seemed like a dream to him, distant and foggy, lacking in detail, but powerful in its feeling.

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