BrutalTops – Sadistic Schoolboy Billy – LICK MY STINKING ARSHOLE, YOU WORM!


Sadistic schoolboy Billy at BrutalTops manhandles his cringing sub as soon as he catches sight of him. Mean and very angry, the Master gets his sub to remove all of his clothes and screams at him while brandishing a mean-looking belt. The quivering sub is almost powerless as he is ordered to pull down Master Billy’s underpants and reveals the Master’s well-built, smooth and highly-tanned body.

Billy commands his sub to lick his stinking armpits and then reverses his naked body onto the sub’s face and spreads apart his ass cheeks, showing the sub his puckered hole. The sub is then ordered to push his nose deep up the Master’s crack and lick out the top’s smelly ass. As this happens the Master’s dick gets hard and elliott is ordered to suck it. Barking orders at the pathetic sub, the master thrashes down blow after blow with his belt on the prostrate lad who is utterly unable to prevent the damage that’s being inflicted on him.