BreederFuckers – Hung Scally Lad Lee Stripped, Flogged & Milked


We’re after a sexy bit of rough today. Dave spies a real scally bastard full of piss and swagger. Lee’s massive thick dong swings around in his tracksuit bottoms like he’s ready to drop his trousers andfuck at any moment. His tight bum has never been touched. Even though he doesn’t have a job as soon as he gets any money he pisses it all away down at the pub on fruit machines. We’re driven into such a frenzy following him we know we have to have him. When Dave tricks him into coming back to our lair he squirms trying to answer pervy personal questions. But once we slip ropes around his wrists and ankles he becomes a lot more vocals. By this time it’s too late and we’ve got the fucker where we want him.

Lee’s dick is gigantic and really easily excitable. Despite his protests and struggling his cock gets very stiff while we stroke it and run our hands over his slender muscular body. The stupid cunt may shout homophobic insults but the way his body reacts is much different. Even when his dick is flogged and weighed down with his junk being pulled painfully it stays throbbing hard and hot. We get rabid inhaling the sweaty masculine scent of his body, cock and arse. His arsehole is like a trap when we slide our fingers in. It’s going to take some serious pummelling to open up this virgin hole. As Adrian tugs on his cock while stimulating his prostate, Dave delivers swift punches to his taut stomach knocking the wind out of him while he sprays his semen. Lee is left feeling totally fucked in both his mind and body.