BreederFuckers – Fit Lad Bobby Arrives For His physical


Sporty schoolboy Bobby arrives for his physical overseen by the PE instructor at BreederFuckers. While wearing his neatly-pressed clean uniform he’s tied on the exam table so the fabric strains tightly against the curves of his arse cheeks. Headmaster Swallow enters to chastise the lad for his over-riding sex drive and assist in checking the cleanliness of his tighty whities. They slide his trousers down and cut his pants off to reveal his nether regions. His big fleshy balls sack and permanently erect penis get this boy into a great deal of trouble so they are tied and weighed down. The men part his arse cheeks and plunge their fingers into his anus making the boy wince and whine. His sphincter is widened and he’s penetrated so deep his prostate is stimulated. This boy needs to get used to being fucked in the gymnasium showers so a flagpole is inserted up his rectum and he’s treated to a long hard fuck. Any objection by Bobby is met with firm verbal chastisement. All his moaning earns him a gag around his mouth so that he can merely whine inside his mouth and bow his head with his dirty blonde hair all tossled. His long luscious foreskin is clamped and attached to his shiny school shoes. Bobby’s only response can be to release large gaseous expulsions from his anus to which he’s treated with hard smacks from a big blunt cricket bat. To deal with all that pent up sperm, the boy is energetically milked so he creams all over his clean black trousers. As punishment for making such a mucky mess his sensitive glans are rubbed all over with a vibrator in a way that is unbearably agonizing. He squirms against his restraints with all his might but can’t escape the grueling tickling sensation to his spent cock. He’s left laying there utterly exhausted, sore and covered in spunk.