BoysHalfwayHouse – Training Him To Be A Good Boy – Mark Santana


For some residents, it takes extreme amount of patience to deal with their never ending dull-mindedness. Over, and over, and over, you can tell them to do something, or to not do something. The first time, you have to explain carefully, and then they might do the right thing right in front of you. But five minutes later, or an hour, or a day, they act as if they never heard a damn word. All the while, this particular resident – like a lot of them – has an OK demeanor and everything. Sometimes it’s almost better to just have a complete asshole with an attitude disobeying you intentionally than a feeble brained 18 year old acting as if he can’t understand a word you are saying to him. The joys of trying to help, right?

Well, at least this guy is too dumb to realize that he shouldn’t have to get plowed by a House Manager every other night. Since he has been here, his fuck hole has definitely been a nice diversion from the screaming, coaching, mentoring, and paperwork. Even with the bitch boy thing, though, it’s as if he doesn’t get it. He’s one of those guys that doesn’t mind so much if you stick your head in, but once you start actual fucking it’s all hands on the legs and wincing facial expressions. Well, I for one got sick of it, and just tried to get his fucking hands off of my legs and ignore his little 18 year old cries. To tell you the truth, once you get over that, it’s a nice fuck. He does have a great hole, and it opens up quite nicely.

This time I interrupted his leisure time in order to get my nut, and after a nice slobbery blowjob, I rolled him over onto his backside and really let into him. He has long legs, and it made it really easy to crumble him into a little fuck ball. As I did, I slid my thick one deep inside, and watched him cringe with every thrust. I thought I’d turn him over into doggie to get an even better rhythm going, and that felt great, too. It was the riding, though, both forward and backward facing, that got me close to nutting.

Once he was riding my dick up and down with a smooth timing, I felt the cum starting to well up inside of me. But instead of creampieing him like I usually do, I pushed him off of me and onto his knees. After looking at those puppy dog eyes looking up at me, and his tongue hanging out, it was a sheer pleasure to drop my load down his gullet. I don’t know, but one of these days he is going to make one of the best fuck toys, but probably all this training needs to be extended a few more months at least. He’s ot quite a good boy yet, but he will be soon.