BentleyRace – Tomas Kyle and Layton Charles

Over this last summer we have been busy coupling up our sexy mates for some hot scenes in the Bentley Race studio. And with Aussie red head Tomas Kyle in town for the weekend, I set him up to meet with our horny Brit boy Layton Charles. We met down by the rover where the guys could get to know each other while I snapped some photos. Tomas was a bit shy at first, but once they were back in the studio, making out, and stripping each other naked, he was no longer shy. The photoshoot became like foreplay to the actual video scene. The guys were teasing each other throughout the whole shoot. But before they got too carried away, I swapped to the video camera to catch Layton and Tomas taking turns fucking each other. The action between these boys is really hot. Layton is a power bottom and couldn’t get enough of riding on Tomas’s cock. I love watching our fit mates going wild like this. Both Tomas and Layton have featured in several videos with our mates over the summer. I was so happy to get them in to the same shoot together.