BentleyRace – Layton Charles


It’s the time of the year in Australia when we have lots of guys visiting from other countries. Summer is always popular for young guys backpacking around Australia. Last week I was fortunate to meet the very handsome and very sexy Layton Charles. The fit 26 year old is visiting us from the UK. Layton contacted me about possibly doing some shoots so I got him around to the studio for a meet and quick shoot. Just to see how he looks on camera. Well I’m glad he did because Layton is so beautiful! I love his big brown eyes and his striking furry body. He’s a really sweet and laid back boy. I reckon he will have no problem getting along with our other mates. Once we finished taking some great photos I grabbed the video camera to catch Layton getting naked one more time and stroking his cock. I started wanking him during the video and end up getting him off with a couple of fingers fucking him. Layton Charles is a naughty horny boy. He’s gonna fit in really will with our group of mates.