BentleyRace – Johan Radic


I want to introduce you to our cute new mate Johan Radic. The 18 year old from eastern Europe actually came along to a shoot with his mate Mark Smith. It was Mark who was going to be modelling for me on that day in Berlin. And Johan was behind the camera making some BTS footage for me. Mark and I talked Johan in to also getting his gear off on camera after Mark’s shoot was done. And I’m glad he did because Johan is super fit, and as it turns out, likes to show off on camera too. I had so much fun shooting with the guys. Mark took over the BTS video camera while I directed Johan through his first nude shoot. He’s so dam cute! With the photos out of the way we quickly moved on to filming Johan jacking off on my bed, while Mark watched on from the side. I think both Johan and Mark make great additions to our group of sexy mates this year on Bentley Race.