BentleyRace – Hot Aussie tradie James Nowak is back in the studio

I’m really happy to see many of my beautiful mates from last summer coming back for this season of shooting in Australia. When 26 year old tradie James Nowak first came around for his first shoot last year, I thought he would only do one or two shoots. But he quickly became a regular as everyone fell in love with him. Being one of our straight mates, James prefers to do solo shoots. But he has done a couple of very hot scenes with Romain and Matais in the past. He gets along well with the guys and is super laid back. Since I have not seen his since the beginning of the year I got James around for a catch up and quick session in the studio. He had a shoulder injury earlier in the year and had a lot of time out from the gym. So he has been getting back in to his routine and tells me his fitness is not like it was a year ago. I think James looks fine, and his jacking video is very hot. He even lets me wank him a bit in this scene. And I gotta say, that’s a very fat cock. James will be back a lot more this summer. I can’t wait to see him again.