BentleyRace – Enjoy a hot steamy shower with my hung mate Kevin Babik


My cute mate Kevin Babik is back on BR this week in this hot shower shoot with me in Berlin. This was actually Kevin’s first nude photoshoot. I had not seen him naked before taking these photos. So he kinda surprised me when he pulled out that super fat uncut dick. 19 year old Kevin had recently moved there from Poland. He had been telling me about his sneaker fetish when I invited him to come around for a shoot. He is doing a simple photoshoot in the bathroom wearing just the Aussiebum speedo. After soaping up in the hot water he turns around to lather up his lightly hairy bottom. Kevin is very cheeky and pulls faces at the BTS video camera whenever my back is turned. Afterwards we made that very hot video where he jacks off and cums on me. What a nice way to spend our first day hanging out in Berlin!