FunSizeBoys – Logan CHAPTER 1 – Big Ryan’s Janitor Office – Logan Cross



Logan is small for his age. He’s the shortest of all his classmates and that causes him to be singled out occasionally. “Big Ryan” feels for the tiny kid, knowing how hard it must be to not have such a physical advantage.

Alone in his office, Ryan lets the young boy hide out for a while. Logan is incredibly thankful and aroused by the tall man’s protection and can’t help but show his gratitude.

Logan pulls outs Ryan’s cock from his overalls, feeling it fill his hand completely. His hot, heavy balls hands down between his long legs, making Logan’s hole pucker to be filled! The tall man bends his tiny bottom over his work desk, feeling his cock press between his smooth, bare ass. Logan moans as it penetrates his sphincter, completely open to the giant’s cock…