Venus Lux’s Special Night


D. Acolyte survived his first audition, and now he’s back, clad in shirt and dress pants to experience a “special night” Valentine’s date with the goddess herself. She reaches down to massage the thick knot of cock bundled up inside his briefs, deftly unsnaps and unzips his slacks. He’s so turned on by her satiny robe and hot pink bra and panties that he’s breathing hard before she even starts to suck. Venus gives his briefs a hard little yank to free the big hard cock inside. She plunges her other hand into her panties to rub her trans cock, slicks it with a long drool of saliva into her fist. She invites her captive date, “Come suck me off!” and he’s not about to refuse. D. licks Venus from nuts to tip before swallowing the full hard rod. She asks if he’s ready to give her anything she wants, and he gets down on all fours. “I want you inside me so bad!’ he groans, and Venus slides her hot hard cock into his waiting ass. She warns him to hold back–she doesn’t want him to cum TOO fast. But she slams her cock into him and his moans of pleasure give away that he can’t hold out too long. He rolls onto his back and holds his legs up and spread for Venus to give him her erect cock. He strokes hard and begs permission for her to allow him to shoot his wad. She squeezes his prick in her slender hand then stops to let him catch his breath. Now it’s picking up speed and he’s yelling for more. D.’s nuts are pulling up tight and into firing position. He’s so fucking close already, and when she starts slamming his hole hard and clenching a fist around his balls, he can barely hold his cum. But she slaps his dick and balls and tells him to wait a little longer. She grabs him by the throat and starts ravaging his hole. Venus rises to her knees, milks out a big load onto his chest. She wishes him a happy Valentines and promises him an even better “special night” next year.