TickledHard – Victor’s Tickle Torture


It’s been months since super-ticklish Victor was here last, but he’s finally agreed to come back for another session. This straight, beefy Latino is pretty confident to the point of being thuggish, but that doesn’t last long. He’s quickly reminded that he’s not the one in control here! Franco takes off Victor’s size 9 shoe and sock and tickles his meaty sole. Victor thrashes and swears, and when Franco lubes up his foot and uses the soap saver on him, he howls loudly and begs for him to stop. For a second, Victor thinks he’s broken free, but no such luck. Franco continues tickling his foot, punctuating the torture with quick trips north to tickle Victor’s armpits. Franco cuts Victor out of his underwear before exposing his right foot and subjecting it to the same tickle torture as the left. It’s so intense that Victor starts swearing at Franco in Spanish in between his rapid-fire pleas for it to stop. After a very brief moment of rest, Franco moves up to Victor’s armpits to continue the torture. Victor yells like a madman as he’s being tickled in his pits and inner thighs, but he changes his tune when Franco starts playing with his big, uncut cock. Victor goes quiet at first, then moans with pleasure as he shoots his big load. He’s soon howling again, though, because Franco quickly ramps the tickling back up. Victor’s body goes rigid and he slams his eyes shut as he’s on the verge of tears, begging for mercy, but really he knows the deal. If he bails out too soon, Franco is going to fuck his ass. He struggles with the torment, trying to trick Franco into stopping, but nothing works. Franco tickles Victor’s ribs and knees and even the back of his leg and butt before bringing the torture to an end. He’s been such a good boy that Franco rubs his shoulders, sore from being pulled back and tensed for so long.