TickledHard – Reese In Stocks


Trevor was so pissed about Reese’s involvement in his tickle session that he asked Franco to do Reese next so he could get his revenge. Reese was just tickled a few weeks ago and wasn’t eager for another turn, but with a little cash encouragement, he relented. Franco tells Reese to get naked and place his big size 12 feet in the stocks. He cuffs Reese’s hands up behind his head and starts tickling Reese’s bare feet with his thick fingers. Reese laughs and flails as Trevor and Franco tickle his feet, legs and hairy bellybutton. Franco and Trevor increase the intensity by adding lube to their fingers and tickling tools, and when they go between Reese’s toes, he practically starts crying. With all the struggling, Reese’s feet go numb, but even when Franco opens the stocks to get the feeling back, the tickling continues and Reese has nowhere to go. The guys torture his feet as his tight butt bounces up and down on the tickling table. They run small ropes between Reese’s toes and go crazy on his feet using different brushes simultaneously. Finally, Franco and Trevor finish Reese off by holding him down and tickling his furry chest and nipples.