GrowlBoys – THE KID – Chapter 1 – Sudden Winter Dream


This world is a big place. An ever expanding and changing place. I should know, I’ve helped to build it. What once was a hard, barren rock is now a chaotic collection of civilization and life. I’ve seen the once quiet skies become full of flying steel. The oceans have changed from the bubbling cauldrons of creation to a ever-warming and dying watery desert. And the forests–the beautiful, verdant canopies that I love–have retreated and diminished.

The forests have held a special place throughout time. The twisting, untamed trees provided shelter and protection to the most magical of creatures. Early man, knew this, even revered it. Entire religions sprung up to acknowledge the sacred green relics and the natural temples of the divine. Mankind kept their distance, understanding the balance that needed to be kept. They need not enter our space and we would let them live in peace to discover their fires and wheels and planted seeds.

But every so often, a brave traveler or shepherd would wander too deep in from the treeline. Maybe out of curiosity or simply out of necessity, but it was rare that a mortal would set their sights on the activities of the forest inhabitants.

And as you can see, I can’t even maintain more than a few moments conversation around here without being interrupted by a sexy beast. I’m guessing you won’t mind if we continue while I carry on fucking this gorgeous creature.

I think fondly back to those times. Concepts such as shame and sin and propriety had yet to be invented. Doctrines were yet to be written as writing was yet to be established. People, animals, immortals all followed a simple philosophy: love, lust, and live. And did we ever.
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