GrowlBoys – Big Cat – CHAPTER 2 – Furry Business


BIG CAT the thrilling and sexy story continues, focusing on the brutal nature of Promethean Doug’s captor and the tough way he handles his lurid business.

CHAPTER 2: Furry Business takes a closer look at the man behind the brothel, showing how selfish and demanding he is toward his wards. Steve is a hard and shady character, known for being able to satisfy any man’s needs as long as he’s willing to pay – no matter how exotic their need may be.

He’s handsome, hard, and muscular, making for an intimidating broker to those who would seek his business. But with Freak Juice becoming more in demand, more and more desperate buyers are coming to his door for their fix.

Needing to keep his supplies up, Steve milks his sexy, Promethean pup for his load, making sure not to miss a drop of his precious merchandise. Turned on by his sadistic power trip and his exposure to the special substance, he gives Doug a special visit, wanting to sample his powerful, huge cock for himself.