DreamBoyBondage – Joseph & Hunter – Straight Bros – Chapter 2


Daddy Kevin continues to enjoy his birthday present – two fine, young cocks attached to two fine, young boys. But it’s time for some psychological fun. Kevin attaches a special device he made himself to Hunter’s neck: A steel collar electrified by a high-voltage battery connected to a remote-control. “Now I want you to do to him what I just did to you!” Kevin tells Hunter, releasing him from his cuffs and zapping him with the electric collar several times to make sure he understands. Hunter whips his gagged, naked friend reluctantly then throws down the flogger, only to get zapped again. But it’s all an act. We can see the pleasure on Hunter’s face as he flogs his athletic bro harder and harder. Hunter quickly follows Kevin’s command to re-cuff Joseph’s wrists above his head so the pretty boy can be hoisted-up on his toes and whipped even harder. Joseph’s boyish cries of agony are almost as pleasing as watching his lean body writhe. Daddy Kevin, stroking his huge cock, couldn’t be happier – especially when Hunter whips Joe’s cock.