DreamBoyBondage – Blake Ellis – Total Submission – Chapter 9


Slave boy Blake is flipped over onto his stomach, face-down on the bondage table, spread-eagled, completely naked. A wedge of wood is placed under his waist, elevating his ass, emphasizing its roundness. His butt is like two balls of white marble, with a quivering, wet hole separating them. Blake knows his ass will be fucked; he just doesn’t know when or how. His master, Alex, enters, naked, carrying the same, red-striped bullwhip. Crack! The whip comes crashing down on his back, then his ass. Within a dozen minutes, his muscular ass and back are covered with brutal welts. In other words, he is ready to be fucked. And sure enough, Alex produces a huge dildo – and shoves it home. Blake gasps in pain. He is in for a long, hard fucking.