DreamBoyBondage – Blake Ellis – Total Submission – Chapter 11

Master Alex Killian has turned Blake Ellis into a completely submissive pain-slave, a boy who exists to be tortured, fucked and forced to suck cock on command. Blake crouches, naked, chained in the dungeon, a heavy, steel collar bolted around his throat. Blake is a novice slave with a hint of his previous life still present: He pulls on the tight collar and gags when a cock is rammed down his throat, but he is completely resigned to his fate. This combination of helpless resistance and total submission makes Alex wild with desire. He attaches two hard-plastic alligator-clips to Blake’s nipples then shoves his cock down his slave’s throat, whipping him the whole time with a nasty hand-whip. Blake’s hands are free but it never occurs to him to remove the clips nor resist the whip and the face-fucking. He endures – and works hard to please his master, until his torso is covered with his master’s cum.