DreamBoyBondage – Austin Young – Daddy’s Boy – Chapter 2


Teen-boy Austin Young is padlocked to the fuck bench by his daddy Alex Killian. Austin is so tiny his feet barely touch the ground. His cock is already stiff thinking about what his daddy will do to his totally vulnerable ass, its hole puckering and quivering in anticipation. Standing nearby but out of sight, Alex is totally turned on, hearing his son whimper and beg for mercy. “Save your begging, boy,” Alex says as he shows his terrified son a three-foot long, black-and-purple flogger. Alex screams as his ass cheeks turn bright red, pummeled by the flogger, and his lean back becomes a mass of whip marks. “Suck this cock!” Alex demands. Austin eagerly shallows his daddy’s erect phallus to its base, gagging, but eager to please, to do anything to stop the pain.