BrutalTops – Master John Fucks His Pathetic Sub Elliott


At BrutalTops, Vicious Master John returns to humiliate and degrade his pathetic sub elliott. He appears wearing just his briefs which he orders the sub to nuzzle his nose into. The straight top quickly develops an erection and flops out his impressive dick which he begins to pump into the mouth of the feeble sub.

Elliott reams when the cock forcibly slides in and out of his mouth and drool covers the huge piece of meat. Then the Master orders the sub to bend over and slowly pumps his rock-hard dick deep into the sub’s arsehole. This makes elliott groan and this noise increases as the action speeds up. The sub is flipped over onto his back on the floor as John continues to pound into him, causing him considerable damage to his stretched hole.

Soon the top is grunting loudly and shoots spunk into the pathetic fag’s mouth and makes him swallow down the thick jizz. This treatment leaves the sub defeated and collapsed on the floor.