BrutalTops – Master Jack Thrashes His Sub


Hot and horny new Master Jack arrives at! He finds pathetic cringing sub elliott naked and quaking on the floor in front of him and the filthy-minded Master can think of nothing else but to inflict serious damage on the defeated worm.

Dressed in sweaty football gear, the snarling top inspects the lad, forces his head down and orders him to lick his filthy football boots. Grinning with maniacal pleasure the Master slowly pulls off his clothes to reveal a muscular body and tight, well-packed underpants. He rams the sub’s nose into the fabric of his pants and pulls them down to expose his meaty dick.

On all fours in front of him, the sub worships his Master as the top brandishes a belt with which he threatens and menaces the quivering sub. The top’s stinking feet are rammed into the sub’s mouth and all the crud is licked from them before the now-naked Master produces a dildo which is pushed forcibly up elliott’s tight arsehole. This excites the Master who quickly pushes his cock deep into the sub’s mouth before letting fly with a jet of stale smelly piss. Elliott is ordered to swallow the vile yellow liquid before the top rams his cock deep into the sub’s complaining mouth all over again. Spittle and dribble fall from the sub’s mouth as he reams pathetically.