BreederFuckers – Mike On Show For The Pervy Men


In this exclusive ground breaking video we tested the mettle of hetero businessman Mike who had never been sexually touched by a man before. Here he’s presented to a group of hungry pervs who greedily watch every second of his humiliation as his suit is removed a layer at a time leaving him standing before them stark bollock naked. At first he’s full of arrogant pride and bravado to cover his nervousness, but soon that’s stripped away revealing his true feeling of panic. The former squaddie has a hard body and a cocky attitude with a shapely peach of an arse. As his rear is lashed with a leather strap his butt cheeks glow angry red and his eyes fill with tears. The crushing reality of his situation sinks in as he’s overcome being disciplined and sexually exploited in front of a lecherous male audience. He’s offered pennies to jerk off for us, but we surround him and press up against him. We greedily study his fit straight body as he desperately strokes his cock and spills a load before us. Mike blushes red all over with aching self-consciousness as realises how low he’s sunk. After we stripped away Mike’s macho pride in this video we went on to use him in debauched BreederFuckers videos!