BreederFuckers – Barman Killian Stripped & Flogged


There is something about a melodic Irish accent coming out of a hot masculine man that’s irresistible. Killian is full of friendly charm, but this horny hetero would never allow us access to his hard muscular body without a fight. He needs to be convinced some other way. Killian is lured down to Adrian and Dave’s lair with the promise of better paying work and is tricked into allowing himself to be blindfolded. From there it’s easy to tie his arms and chain his ankles with weighted cuffs so he’s helpless to stop himself being stripped down naked. His accent is even sexier when he shouts a series of threats and homophobic insults at the men as they aggressively grope his genitals and taste his sweaty masculine body. He radiates an aggressive angry heat as his tight white pants are peeled down to reveal his uncut cock and weighty balls. The horny bastard can’t stop his excitable cock from naturally reacting to stimulation. Even while he aggressively tries to attack his big hard on bobs up and down. His arse cheeks are prised apart so his tight Irish hole can receive a big wet finger up it. Killian’s distemper needs to be tamed so they answer his threats with some harsh flogging to his back and torso. Punishment lessons are alternated with stimulation to his stiff cock where some concentrated whipping causes his prick to grow harder. This is one pervy straight bastard who is ripe for turning into a bum boy and cock slave.