BentleyRace – Our sexy mate Sarpa Van Rider returns for a new shoot


I’m really excited this week to have our mate Sarpa Van Rider making a return to shooting with us. It’s been a couple of years since I have caught up with the beautiful Aussie boy. And I gotta say that he is looking super fit. Sarpa is working hard at the gym and as a tradie here in Melbourne. He even wore his work boots with his footy shorts in the shoot. The cropped top however is not a part of his normal work wear. I’ve had many hot shoots with Sarpa in the past. But this is the first where I join in on his video, licking his hole and sucking his cock as he lays back on the couch. I’m hoping to involve Sarpa more in the shoots this year. He is also keen to help out with the filming. But for now I’m happy to get him modelling with us again.