HardBritLads – Thor

With rugged, chiselled good looks, and a ripped hard muscled body, cage fighter Thor puts on an awesome show for us, in his first time on camera. Taking off his sports vest, Thor reveals his incredible body, broad shoulders, bulging pecs and ripped abs. Stroking his crotch, he quickly gets an impressive stiff bulge in his shorts, then takes them off. He strokes and squeezes the big hard stiffie in his white undies, then takes his cock out. Thor has an impressive dick, eight inches, nice thickness and uncut. He plays with his cock nice and slow, then flexes his muscles for us, his cock throbbing throughout. He jerks off a little, then flexes again, showing off his biceps and pecs. He plays with cock some more, then moves to the sofa. Thor lays back, muscles rippling, and continues playing with his rock hard meat. He pours lube over the big bulging head, then rubs it in, making it throb even harder. He jerks off slow for a bit, giving sexy looks to camera, then starts to speed up. As he gets close, his biceps, pecs and six pack bulge and tighten. He slows it down at the point of cumming, and squirts a strong jet of white spunk all the way up to his pecs, followed by several more good squirts of jizz, covering his abs, dripping down over his fingers as he squeezes out ever last drop. Sensational!