GrowlBoys – Strange Changes – Chapter 2 – Matthew


He stretched out his legs, feeling himself riding the edge. But this was somehow new. He didn’t just feel it in his cock. It was like his entire body was a massive erection being stroked. The sensation he knew from normal masturbation was increased tenfold, taking him over from the top of his head to the tip of his toes. It was almost too much to handle!

His face twisted and and contorted in response to his stroking. A warm, fuzzy feeling spread over his skin, tingling the hairs of his body. He felt a pressure deep behind his face, pushing outward as if it were actually extending out. He didn’t know what was coming over him, but it felt incredible! He didn’t want it to stop! He felt stronger, his muscles completely awake and in motion like he was a machine! He felt taller, bigger, better, all while stroking his continuously growing monster cock!

He stroked himself faster, feeling like there was no end to this moment. And then, just as soon as it arrived, he felt an explosion deep within him, like a cannon going off from inside his loins, ejaculating out a shot of cum that flung forward against the metal door of the bathroom stall. It made a sound as it make contact as if he’d thrown a tennis ball against it, making him worry that someone would hear. Luckily, he couldn’t hear anything over the running showers of the locker room.

As he came down from his epic climax, he felt his body heaving in and out, trying to catch his breath from that explosive end. He felt lightheaded and little dizzy, as if he could pass out right then and there. As his vision became studded with sparkles, he looked at his reflection in the door once more. It was even more obscured as his cum dripped down, but he saw something that made the blood run from his face.

Looking back at him in the cummy, muted reflection, he swore he saw a face that was not his own. A horse boy seemed to be looking back at him, mimicking his expressions and movements! He was still a little out of it, unsure of what he was seeing. He shamelessly wiped the cum away, hoping to get a clearer view. By the time the image cleared up, he saw his own face once more. Same nose, same lips, same eyes that had first looked back at him when he first sat down.

“I must be going insane,” Matthew said under his heavy breath, thinking back to Housman’s horns. What was going on?

He cleaned himself up with his towel and headed out of the stall, checking to see if anyone–especially Charlie–was around. He didn’t want anyone to see him or know he was in there… and what he’d done.

He changed into his street clothes and ran out as fast as he could back to his dorm. He felt his muscles working overtime, more lean and tough than ever before. He didn’t know why, but he knew he was fast. Faster than he’d ever known himself to be. Suddenly, as if his body were whispering to him, he felt like he could go for miles without tiring.

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