GrowlBoys – LOST BOYS – Chapter 3 Breeding Stock


Tommy felt his consciousness fade in and out. Like someone hitting snooze on alarm clock again and again, his eyes felt heavy, closing again and again, then opening suddenly, giving him brief signs of where and when he was.

The last thing he remembered was leaving his date with Bishop, the muscular daddy bear he’d met up with recently. He remembered feeling his touch, the hair on his chest, the way his beard softly brushed his neck when he was kissed, and the way his hole eagerly took his seed when they had sex. It was seemed so perfect. Like a dream. A beautiful dream.

But somehow, he’d lost track of time since then. And like waking from a dream, he couldn’t remember everything that brought him to his current state. He was naked, stripped of any protection or defense, far from his home and unable to recall the past several hours.

He felt weightless, slowly moving through the air, suspended like a marionette on his back. Strange, warm, wet objects seemed to wrap around his limbs, holding him in place. Despite this, he didn’t feel alarmed. An alien creature had him in its many grips, manipulating him and moving him deep into a dark, cold cave, but he was in a strange calm, like a deep meditation.

His body was soothed with strong, muscular arm-like extensions running along his flesh, massaging his back and buttocks as it supported him from beneath. It glided with a slick, wet surface, curling around his cheeks, caressing his hole and his hanging testicles. In his subdued state, he was unaware that the extension was in fact the tongue of a large creature, seemingly made from the walls of the cave itself.

A large opening in the strange, smooth interior moved with an animal nature. It’s mouth, or what could be thought of as a mouth, was a circle of small, smooth tentacles, writhing and churning, reaching for Tommy’s body and pulling him slowly in toward its center. The large “tongue,” significantly larger and the primary arm for inspecting, moved over Tommy feeling him out… tasting him.
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