GrowlBoys – BIG CAT – Chapter 3 – Sweet Release


The night began to break from its blackness, glowing with a warm, pink hue as the sun began to make its presence known. The stars lost their vibrancy as the morning light bled into the inky sky, bringing with it the start of tomorrow. Most people were deep into their sleep, still a while away from waking. For others, however, their night lingered on.

Damien walked the quiet streets of the city, his steps echoing in the vacant alleys and side streets. He had the gate of a man with a place to be, but spent many of the twilight hours circling the same neighborhood again and again. He was looking for something. Something that belonged to him. Something that was precious. Something that was taken and abused and needed to be returned. He was close. He knew it. But his destination still eluded him.

As he turned down a familiar alley, he expected to see the same collection of trash and garbage he’d passed several times. Instead, a new display of filth caught his eye. A tall man in a well cut suit stumbled toward him, his shirt open and his tie disheveled. His eyes were bloodshot and his brow glistening with sweat. He had the demeanor of a man lost in a chemical world of his own creation. He was certainly on something, and Damien could see the signature signs of what it was.

The stranger walked with strength, unphased by not having been awake for what could have been days. His crotch was also strangely swollen, suggesting he was or had been aroused. But the clear sign of where he’d been was on his chest–a sign that he was on the right path: claw marks.

The delirious man in a suit bumped into him, looked him in the eye and felt a powerful urge take hold. Damien did something to him. It was powerful and exciting, and he wanted more. But Damien was disgusted by him. Damien knew what his man wanted, but knew he didn’t deserve it. He wasn’t worthy. He slowly pushed him aside, moving past him as he walked toward the door the man had come from. Damien pushed it, hearing the the sounds of decadence as it opened. Meanwhile, the suited man walked on into the pale pink morning, unaware of whom he’d encountered and the fury he’d missed…