Growl Boys – STRAY – Chapter 4 – House Of Hercules

Alex laid on his back. His chest rose and fell with each heavy breath. He felt his senses coming back to him as he recovered from his orgasm. His hole was warm, wet with fresh seed, stretched out from the pounding he’d received.

Damien lay beside him, his cock glistening as it retreated from its erect state, settling on his thigh as a few stray strops of cum melted on his warm skin. He turned to his surprised lover, seeing the shock in his eyes. It was clear on his face that he was trying to make sense of what happened.

How did I get here? Why did we just fuck? What am I doing? Did I betray Eddie? What does this mean?

Damien knew he had to stop him from spiraling. He got up on his side, turning to Alex.


“What do you mean?” Alex broke from his stillness and looked at his landlord. The man’s handsome face stunned him, as if he’d forgotten just how attractive he was since he’d been inside him. His gray eyes cut through him, making his hole seem to swell with a new pulse of warmth.

“Well… you seem a little calmer now. You’re not trying to take a knife to me, at least.”

“…I wasn’t really going to hurt you. I just–I need to find Eddie. And, what are you? How are you doing… any of this? The knife? …The sex… How?”

Damien sat up, lifting up his legs as he moved to the edge of the bed, picking up his clothes and redressing as he continued.

“I can tell you what I’m not. I’m not your enemy. Or Eddie’s. In fact, quite the opposite. It’s hard to say why, but just know I have Eddie’s best interest at heart. And yours.”

Damien sat up, getting a renewed feeling of frustration. He stopped only to begin redressing as well, feeling strange about fighting while still naked.

“I don’t care if you’re a wizard or an alien or the goddamn tooth fairy. …I think I love him. Eddie. I can’t explain it and I know it’s crazy, but I need to be with him.”

“Is that so?” Damien asked. His tone was flat, as if he was making a statement more than questioning. But Eddie continued, feeling free to expose his feelings to the man who’d just fucked him.

“I thought he needed me. That’s why I took him in. To help him. But I need him. He makes me feel so much more than I ever thought possible. And I can’t imagine never being able to hold him again.”

Damien slipped on his pants and tied his shoes. The two finished dressing in silence. It was a quiet, still pause in their conversation before they stood, facing each other as they had in the elevator. Damien could see the serious look in Alex’s eyes. He sighed.

“If he matters that much to you, I can tell you where he is.”
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