Dixon’s Tickle Torture and Cum


This is the first time straight 24-year-old Dixon has been tied up and tickled, and Franco starts by tickling his furry little butthole and inner thighs. Franco blindfolds Dixon so he has no idea what’s coming next and from where. Dixon squirms as Franco tickles his sides and armpits with feathers and his thick fingers, and he thrashes and swears as the intensity increases. Dixon throws his head back, groans and curses as Franco continues torturing his super ticklish body. He’s ticklish all over, on both his front and his back, and of course he’s ticklish on his size 10 feet. It’s like an electric shock when Franco tickles Dixon on his sweaty heels and soles, but that’s just the beginning. Franco sucks on his toes and tickles them with his tongue and beard. Dixon struggles, but Franco calmly tickles his trapped little buddy. Dixon begs for him to stop, but Franco won’t let up. His face turns red as he struggles for breath, and his body twitches and shivers. With Dixon sweaty and nearly exhausted, Franco puts down his arms and strokes his big dick. Franco deep-throats Dixon’s cock and almost makes him pass out, so he sits him up for the finale. He jacks a load out of Dixon, tortures his sensitive cock and gets in one last tickle hit. Dixon’s so worn out, even unbound he can’t fight back!