Blake Ellis – Total Submission – Chapter 7

Master Alex continues to fuck Blake long and hard while he is bent over and bound, helpless. The boy rocks back and forth on the fuck bench, his whole body shaking from the force of his master’s cock. Blake moans and grunts, half in pain, half in pleasure, as his virginal asshole and his well-whipped butt are pounded. “Oh, sir!” he moans, gripping the bench legs. Alex finally pulls out, only so he can bust his load not in his slave’s ass but all over his face. With his master’s cum dripping off his cheeks into his mouth, Blake is now branded a slave – boy who exists to be used, brutalized and fucked. As if to illustrate the point, Alex shoves a butt plug into Blake’s bruised asshole then flogs his already well-beaten ass and back. “Did you think we were done?” Alex asks with a cruel smirk. Moments later Blake is spread-eagled on his back, totally naked, and Alex slices his beautiful abs and pecs with the single-tail. His lust for hurting this muscular, smooth, boyish slave will never be sated.