Blake Ellis – Total Submission – Chapter 5


Muscular, young Blake is strapped to a padded bench, his ass exposed and ready to be fucked. He is helpless, flexing and struggling against Velcro straps holding his wrists and ankles to the bench. His master told him nothing while binding him an hour ago, leaving him to stew all alone, but he is sure he will be whipped and fucked. Sure enough, Master Alex returns, barefoot and shirtless, chains hanging from his leather pants, a leather paddle in his hand. Crack! The short, leather strap smacks his ass cheeks, leaving a deep, red welt. Blake screams, throwing his head back, every muscle in his body contracting, the bench shaking from the power of the blow. Crack! Crack! Crack! The brutal spanking continues, blow after blow, until the slave’s ass is bright red and bruised, covered with welts. Now it’s time for the flogger. That ass has to be fully tenderized before it is fucked.