GrowlBoys – Stray Chapter 1 – Scavenging


Stray is the story of a scrappy young Eddie who is down on his luck and without a home. After being turned into a growlboy he was rejected by friends and his family kicked him out. Chapter 1: Scavenging is about Eddie’s chance encounter with the sexy pretty boy Alex. This story begins with Alex at a gay club. Alex spends a night of drinking and dancing, on the hunt for a hot fuck to take home. But as the club closes, he heads out alone, not having found that special someone to invite back to bed. Just outside the club in the twilight of the night, he discovers a street boy named Eddie, lonely and scared. Alex’s feelings of charity soon become more carnal and lustful as he spends more time with the grateful young man. Things turn intensely hot and heavy as Eddie unexpectedly transforms revealing his true anthropomorphic animalistic nature as a wereraccoon. The illustration and cartoon for this story were done by a world class comic artist who has done work for DC and Marvel comics. The video for this opening chapter starts with a gay furry transformation unlike any gay tf or racoon furry content out there, leading to a wild, passionate night that starts off sweet progresses to yiffing with hardcore furry bareback fucking!