GrowlBoys – Midsummer Nights Dream – Chapter 1 – Between A Rock and A Hardon


Midsemester Night’s Dream is the story of the horny, young Matthew who has just started his freshman year of college and is finding it hard to keep his sexual urges under control. He wants to make friends, do well in school, and adjust to independent life, but he can’t shake his desire to lose his virginity and finally have sex! In Chapter 1: Between A Rock and A Hardon, his flirty new roommate doesn’t make keeping his raging hormones under control any easier. But when he meets his handsome new teacher, Professor Houseman: a very sexy professor of ancient classical studies. Once the boy is alone with his professor in his office, he’s completely overwhelmed with a powerful urge to get fucked – seemingly unaware of his more animal nature. Little does he know his professor is a disguised gay satyr, part of an ancient race of gay furry anthropomorphic beasts known as Thebans! Nervous and unsure, he takes the sexy older man’s lead and ultimately takes the man’s massive cock up his tight hole – and it gets deflowered in the bareback fucking of his young life, popping his young cherry and being inseminated by this god-like monster. What is more, once bred by a Theban, a boy will take up the satyr’s powerful cum and start the process of furry transformation into a growlboy, and forever become the promethean offspring of a god!