Trevor In Stocks


It’s been over a year since Trevor was last tickled, and today Franco introduces this super-ticklish straight guy to the foot stocks. He ties Trevor’s arms back, locks him in the stocks and starts tickling his size 13 feet through his thin dress socks. Immediately Trevor bursts into loud, hysterical laughter and begs for it to stop, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Trevor’s big, uncut cock bounces all over while he thrashes around, but even with his arms released, there’s no escaping this foot tickle torture. Franco and Reese tickle his smooth, sweaty soles and in between his toes, making Trevor howl, cry and gasp for breath. His body is like one big crazy tickle ride, bouncing, vibrating and shaking all over. Finally, when Trevor can’t take any more torture and his body is buzzing, Franco releases him from the stocks and allows him to jack off. What a load!