DreamBoyBondage – Jeremy Spreadums – Harder, Sir, Harder! – Part 3

Felix Frost finishes flogging Jeremy’s ripped pecs and abs. “I’ll be back – and then I’m going to fuck you,” Felix tells his slave, leaving him bolted to the wall, naked. When Felix returns he unbolts the young muscle-stud and turns him around so he is facing the wall, his wrists spread and bound at eye-level, his ankles spread extra-wide with a spreader bar, stretching his asshole for easy access. Felix warms-up his slave’s ass with a good, hard flogging and then shows him the device that will be used to fuck him – a massive, hard-rubber “punishment dildo” with a large ball on one end. “It’s so big!” Jeremy says, his eyes wide with horror. The fucking is rough, followed by an even rougher fucking with a huge, ribbed butt-plug and, of course, much more whipping.