Bad Lad Strip Searched By The Prison Guards

This little toe-rag thinks he’s cleverer than the guards. Fleecing little old ladies out of their life savings. Very clever. Yet here he is having to display his nude body to prison warders beneath him. Ain’t karma sweet. He has the look on his face like he loathes this and he no doubt does. This makes it all the more fun for us doesn’t it?
I reckon those lips are going to come in very useful as they mark the bitch-of-the-wing in the coming weeks and months. His hole is displayed for the prison guards and they see what we can see – a tidy pink anus that is ripe for use by the sexually greedy men of the prison. It isn’t going to stay delicately pink for long. It will be as red as those stupid tattooed lips and ragged like an old dish cloth by the time he’s in his final week. He won’t know what a day is like where he doesn’t have to get on his knees in a grimy cell or in the toilets having to suck whatever rancid cock is presented to him with those sweet lips. Those baby blue eyes are going to be responsible for many a lag spilling his seed. Right down the throat of this fraudster.