Having been inducted into the Order, Elder Foster was thrilled to spend some time amongst its members.He’d impressed Bishop Angus with his willingness to submit, but there were those in the Brethren who wanted to have a special welcoming for the young man. Mission President Wilcox volunteered to bring the […]


Dylan James is forced to wait for a business meeting he’s having with Emerson Palmer. He’d be more upset, though, if he actually meant to conduct business during it. But it’s Emerson’s ass he’s interested in and not his business savvy. Emerson works hard to win back Dylan’s good graces: […]

Lucas Entertainment – Dylan James Gives Emerson Palmer’s Ass Professional ...

Devin Franco looks up to his business superior, Sergeant Miles, so when Sergeant invites Devin over to his apartment for some wine after a long day in the board meetings, and there’s no way Devin would turn down the chance. Devin had an idea that Sergeant was sexually attracted to […]

Lucas Entertainment – Devin Franco Services Sergeant Miles’ Executive Cock

In this excerpt from Brandon Wilde’s gay bareback sex premiere co-starring Lucas Entertainment exclusive model Dylan James, we see Brandon is in need of working on his ass a bit. Dylan James is know for his really big dick, and lately he hasn’t been taking it easy on his bottom […]

Lucas Entertainment – Dylan James Opens Up Brandon Wilde’s Ass ...