Some longer term residents end up becoming pillars among the community. For the guys who put in the effort and really try to get onto the straight and narrow, they are rewarded with public praise as well as more responsibility and some authority over the newer guys. It’s kind of […]

BoysHalfwayHouse – Two Dicks, One Dickhead Bareback – Toby Springs

Leather slave, Dolf Dietrich awaits on bended knee for his master Christian Wilde, begging to feel his touch. Mr Wilde obliges with heavy punches to Dolf’s muscled torso before working up his fat cock. Begging for abuse, Dolf endures the cat-o-nine tails before he’s bound to the wall, with a […]

Boundgods – Muscled hunk begs for his master’s abuse – ...

At, Hetero prick Aaron is used to calling the shots and expecting people to bow to his authority. Now we’ve strung him up stark bollock naked so he’s incapable of resisting us. He feels more intensely vulnerable than he’s ever been in his life. We can freely grope and […]

Breederfuckers – Aaron Finger Fucked & Milked!