Quiet, shy and submissive is what comes to mind every time we see Erik Franke. He might be quiet at times and he certainly has moments where his submission gets him into some sexy bit of trouble but this slender twink, with that creamy fresh milk complexion, is anything but […]

TwinksInShorts – Erik Franke

Outdoors, in a secluded and idyllic spot, dark-haired hunk Joel Vargas massages slender blond Thomas Fiaty. His hands slippery with oil, Joel works the twink’s body, rubbing his limbs before pulling off the blond’s shorts. Joel is soon kneading Thomas’ sweet ass, exposing the puckered entrance as he rubs, teases […]

TwinksInShorts – Joel Vargas and Thomas Fiaty

Edy Reed, a pixie-like waif continues to amaze us. Quiet and unassuming, he turns into a ravenous cock whore when he’s got a big dick before him and he’s in front of the camera. Submissive, the smooth twink might have a huge sexual appetite but he’s truly rather sweet and […]

TwinksInShorts – Edy Reed

What can we say about Nick Vargas that we haven’t said already? This is truly one handsome, dark-haired sexy fucker we can just look at all day. From watching him model different clothing, to slipping on various types of underwear, we just LOVE Nick! Slender and toned, muscled in all […]

TwinksInShorts – Nick Vargas

As a college student, Tomm Charlie usually has his nose buried in schoolbooks. He’s an ambitious young who gives twink massages for extra spending money. And since there are plenty of twinks on campus, there’s never a shortage of slim and slender hotties craving Tomm’s slippery hands all over the […]

TwinksInShorts – Tomm Charlie