When we first posted about real footballer Fergus’ fully naked examination and jerk off video, it caused a massive scandal! Strapping Fergus grew up in a rural area where sexual adventures were limited. Now that he’s living in the big city he wants to try it all and fully utilize […]

TheCastingRoom – Fergus

Mark is amongst those new breed of ambitious heteros determined to make his fame and fortune by selling his body. With his big chip toothed smile and brashly masculine friendly manner, he’s an excellent candidate who is aching to transition from doing solo online shows to making professional porn. Most […]

TheCastingRoom – Mark

Dirty blonde boy Justin is eager for professional porn experience after flashing himself and getting off during video chats. These experiments in exhibitionism often leads men to hunger for more daring and intense exposure. The idea of being watched adds a heightened sense of excitement and pleasure to getting off. […]

TheCastingRoom – Justin

Barry is a hetero dude who lives a rock and roll lifestyle. He fucks and parties as much as possible when he’s not working. He’s the type of guy we always desire and might nervously make a pass at. His friendly but firm reply would always be, “Nah man, that’s […]

TheCastingRoom – Barry

I found you a real diamond in the rough. Lance is a tough hetero man who works hard all day lifting heavy goods. He unwinds by boxing at his local gym or looks to get laid at his local. Failing that there’s late night sessions on webcam showing off his […]

TheCastingRoom – Lance

Hetero Nick has the chiseled good looks of a rugby star or super hero. Confident, popular and hung, this stud breezes through life, but here he’s made to work for the chance to be a porn star. He shows off his big balls and parts his arse cheeks to show […]

TheCastingRoom – Nick

Cute Patryk is extremely extroverted and daring for someone who looks so young and sweet. He dreams about being a highly paid porn star and spending his whole day fucking chicks which brings him to audition at TheCastingRoom. Smooth bodied with a tight untouched ass, the only thing which indicates […]

TheCastingRoom – Cute Patryk

Horny bloke Ryan has a good life where he only works because he wants to and goes out with his boxing friends most nights looking to fuck birds. He prides himself on being a dirty cunt when it comes to sex. Even though he prefers women, he’s so insatiable he’ll […]

TheCastingRoom – Ryan

Many guys apply to audition as a joke. These are generally time wasters who deep down really want to have sex on camera but don’t have the confidence to see it through. Max wasn’t serious when he applied, but suddenly he found himself without a job and now he’s desperate […]

TheCastingRoom – Max

Going back a few years we were looking for a confident dominant sexy man to appear in a new website we’d recently started which became BreederFuckers. Stan was the perfect man for the job and made many of our first videos with us. If you’ve watched them you’ll know what […]

TheCastingRoom – Stan