Newbies are often camera-shy. They may get their cocks hard, but find it challenging to answer questions with anything more than a syllable or two. NOT our Marco, who kept talking and talking and talking through his solo. He’s from Naples and Neapolitans are known to be… extroverted. Obviously, sharing […]

LucasKazan – Marco

He knows exactly who he is (at 24) and what he wants. Meet Italian newcomer Marco: openly gay (doesn’t often happen amongst our applicants), comfortable in his own skin, exclusively into bottoming (never happens!) “Sex is a form of freedom and self-expression”, he proudly says. “It’s not something I’m ever […]

LucasKazan – Marco

He loves the outdoors –the beach above all– and hanging out with his friends. Meet 21 year old Lorenzo: a short beard and a compact, agile body. “There’s something distinctively Mediterranean about this sexy newcomer”, says director Ettore Tosi. “Italian, Spanish, even northern African”. But you’d be wrong: Lorenzo is […]

LucasKazan – Lorenzo

Italian boys. Straight boys. Machismo… and the ultimate taboo. No, it is never easy to talk our candidates into playing with their butts. But camming has broadened Fabrizio’s horizons. We’re bringing this HOT Sicilian jock back… with a toy in his hands (and coach Ettore’s hands). Capturing on camera his […]

LucasKazan – Fabrizio with a toy

If you think you’d be intimidated by this mountain of muscles, think again. Carlos is an absolute sweetheart: his friendly smile and his polite manners speak louder than his “action hero” pecs. Or his washboard abs. Like most Brazilians, he looks older (would you guess he’s only 21?), wears braces, […]

LucasKazan – Carlos

We first met Ricardo on his bike, along Copacabana Beach. We knew then we wanted to introduce him just like that: a 23 year old biker and his blue Honda. “When I ride”, he says, “I feel… FREE!”. Ricardo may be short. Not so his HUGE cock, which photographs even […]

LucasKazan – Ricardo

Meet 34 year old Andrea. He has been working in Milan for 9 years, but he’s from Cuba. No wonder he looooves sex. “In fact, I think I’m a sex addict”, he admits. “I jerk off every day, or else I’d go mad”. What is this sexy bartender into? “I’m […]

LucasKazan – Andrea

Hung. Horny. Verstaile. And a little… kinky. Meet 26 year old Michele, a fitness instructor from Venice. “I’ve known I was into guys since 6th grade”, says this sexy Italian, who’s been engaged for 10 years with a man twice his age. “I’m an exhibitionist and I’ve always liked porn […]

LucasKazan – Michele

With his clothes on, Robbie is the cute boy-next-door: well read, well traveled, well spoken and looking much younger than he actually is. Take his clothes off and this shy ‘boy’ morphs into an assertive, insatiable power bottom. Robbie is no angel: he knows what he wants in bed, he […]

LucasKazan – Robbie Rojo

No doubt the boys from Naples are amongst the sexiest in Italy. And the most comfortable with their bodies. 26 year old Nicola is no exception: straight, but obsessed with blond, curvy transexuals, this Neapolitan jock, with broad pecs and a killer smile, works as a plumber and yes, he […]

LucasKazan – Nicola

Raffaele was born in Spain, but has lived in Sicily for ten years. His Italian has a bit of an accent still. Which makes this smoldering 24 year old jock even sexier and all the more desirable. Short, but well-built, olive-skinned Raffaele is all about Mediterranean good looks and charm. […]

LucasKazan – Raffaele

He’s 23, he’s from Rio, he’s in the army. Meet Isaque: if his infectious smile doesn’t win you over, his bubble butt will. And his broad pecs. And his raging hard-on. There was no ‘waiting for wood’ here: this horny soldier was ready to go from minute 1. And kept […]

LucasKazan – Isaque

There’s more about French superstar Jordan Fox than meets the eyes. More than his formidable 9-inch cock and his many skills as a top. Here’s a guy who’s fluent in many languages, devours one book after the other and has traveled to more countries than anyone else I know: anywhere […]

LucasKazan – Jordan Fox

Director/talent scout Ettore Tosi has debuted hundreds of beautiful Italian men. But 20 year old Carmelo sure stands out. His muscular build, his tan, his smile… everything about this jock is nothing short of perfect. “I jerk off three or four times a day”, admits Carmelo. “If I didn’t, I’d […]

LucasKazan – Carmelo

Alfio is 20 and hails from Palermo/Sicily. Like most Sicilian jocks his age, his sex life is anything but… ordinary. Yes, Alfio is ‘straight’, but he fools around with his pal Carmelo: wild threeways with his girlfriend and more daring boy-boy games. “You know: getting sucked off by Carmelo. And […]

LucasKazan – Alfio